What D-S is about

Dynamic Style

[dy·nam·ic] : Characterized by continuous change, activity, or progress

[style] : A comfortable and elegant mode of existence

D-S is a clothing company with a difference. The aspects of life we take influence from include Art, Street and Culture. Our designers all have their own unique styles and aspirations and so the uniform image of Dynamic-Style Clothing is constantly changing and evolving. This will therefore provide something for everyone.

Our D-S worldwide design crew consists of:

  • Matt Reid
  • Iain Macarthur
  • Tom Gilmour
  • Luca Battles
  • Simon Gouldthorpe
  • Nick Cocozza
  • Butch the Butcher
  • Munkie Strike
  • Kristopaper
  • Alex Fowkes
  • Henry Boon

D-S is constantly evolving, producing something new and exciting, working with the best illustrators on the scene while creating clothing garments that can take us to the next level. We take pride in what we do, always aiming high to achieve our goals so we invite you to join the D-S worldwide design crew .