Who we are

Dynamic Style

[dy·nam·ic] : Characterized by continuous change, activity, or progress

[style] : A comfortable and elegant mode of existence

D-S is a clothing company with a difference. The aspects of life we take influence from include Art, Street and Culture. Our designers all have their own unique styles and aspirations and so the uniform image of Dynamic Clothing is constantly changing and evolving. This will therefore provide something for everyone.

Iain Macarthur has been our key artist since the very beginning back in 2009, with such a big client list behind him from brands such as Nike, 55DSL, Tank Theory, Be Street, Rook clothing, and other big name companies we feel this gives as an edge over other brands.

The artists we have worked with so far include:

  • Luca Battles
  • Simon Gouldthorpe
  • Nick Cocozza
  • Butch the Butcher
  • Munkie Strike
  • Tom Gilmour
  • Henry Boon
  • Iain Macarthur

D-S as a whole is always changing for the better, looking for new artists and clothing garments that can take us to the next level, we take pride in what we do and always aim high so we invite you to join us and get involved.